Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is any form of violence disproportionately perpetrated by men against women and girls. It is deeply linked to women’s inequality and includes sexual violence, domestic abuse, stalking and harassment, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marraige and so-called ‘honor-based’ violence, exploitation and abuse of women and girls in online spaces.

VAWG has a huge impact on us as individuals and as a society – hindering progress towards gender equality. But while it is an almost universal experience for women and girls everywhere, our experiences of VAWG are not the same – they are shaped by our other identities and characteristics. Women who face other forms of inequality as a result of their race or ethnicity, wealth or social class, religion, sexuality, gender identity, disability, mental health or age are more likely to experience violence and less likely to access justice and support.

To end violence against women and girls VGVN has designed short-term and long-term advocacy programs, and strategies. For the short term VGVN will focus on social & digital campaigns, advocacy at the local governments and authorities, case based advocacy and other universally accepted strategies. However, for the long term VGVN will put efforts for institutional reforms including legal and regulatory reforms to protect women and girls from any kind of violence at the country level. Establishing strong advocacy networks and platforms and empowering CSOs are equally the long-term advocacy strategies of VGVN.

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